Our team is made up of UK MoD qualified defence trials managers and UK MoD Tactics instructors; we are qualified and competent offering this service since we started in 2017. Often, internal teams need the added support of a trials manager to achieve the best output.

We have a wealth of experience planning and running trials on complex platforms and systems such as:
Whilst serving, we ran trials on weapon systems from small arms and Javelin AT firings (including from under-armour) up to 120mm Main Battle Tank live firing. We can tap into a number of current and ex-British Army Gunnery Schools instructors and so can input into live firing trials too.
Additionally, we are experts in running casualty evacuation and emergency egress trials on armoured vehicles. Whatever you need, we will find the right expert for you.

As qualified trials managers, we can conduct private venture trialling on your equipment or product, either in your chosen location or in one more conducive to MOD trialling. From these trials we can
tailor what you require as an output – either further product development information or a report for your next business development steps. We can provide:

Crucially we can (should you wish) arrange a VIP day where your key audience is invited; influencers and gatekeepers. This is invaluable to any business development effort; again why it is important to ensure your equipment is ready to be revealed to the MoD.
We can also help you plan and submit for the highly publicised Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE). We would also be able to represent you at the experiment – ensuring the right level of exposure is afforded to your equipment and that its capabilities are demonstrated in the best manner.
Our tactics consultants can deliver training needs analysis and deliver training for vehicles, vehicle systems and dismounted equipment and weapons as you require.