You may or may not already have a business development manager for defence trials. If not, our route to market specialists can support you on your project with our bespoke consultancy service. Our unique network extends from the end user through to gate-keepers and onward into HQ Defence Equipment and Support and Army HQ. We are able to get to the right people on your behalf and tee you up for success by planning the right route to market.
Our networks are not just confined to the MoD. We can help you meet the right parts of industry in order to meet your business goals.

Where there is a business development manager already in place, we offer a consulting service that can help to support them should they need an extra pair of hands. We can assist you by leading on work strands for you and adding to your network – ensuring you have the best chance of success. We can further add to your arsenal by arranging and running private venture trials on your equipment or service. Visit our Trials page for more details.

We have also had great success supporting our clients in planning their stands at exhibitions (such as at DVD or DSEI); everything from generating tactical scenarios to underpin a demonstration, to generating a delegate invitation list from our extensive networks.

Whatever your experience or level in defence trials, get in touch.