Foxbury Solutions Ltd are defence trials experts providing training solutions, business development support and consulting services to many clients around the world.
Our consultants are, quite simply, the best in their fields. All of our staff have large amounts of experience on military equipment and vehicles and also in procurement and acquisition areas; they are the very best at helping our clients to sharpen their competitive edge.
The business was founded in 2017 by Eoin Carson initially providing trial management to Defence Industry clients.
Eoin is a British Army Veteran having served as an Armoured, mechanised and Light Role Infanteer on multiple operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland. Over his military career he never stopped moving – some of his most enjoyable soldiering was as a Loan Service Officer to the Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces (SOAF) and in Germany as an Armoured Infantry Company Commander. He left the Army following an enjoyable role at the Armoured Trials and Development Unit as the Warrior CSP trials manager and set up Foxbury Solutions Ltd, taking it from its foundation to the multinational service provider it is today.